Metal Stairs in Central Ohio

Metal stairs are the in thing now. Normally its either your stairs is metal or concrete; it could also be wooden but Metal stairs are in vogue now, they fully complement all the efforts and designs put in the building and give it a touch of class. Metal curved stairs are the most admired class of steps rails used all over the globe by people of class. They are so easy to set up and are also available in the markets in different designs. As metals are very ductile and malleable, they can be worked into different patterns and designs so as to fit in with various styles, preferences and tastes.

Metal stairs were at first utilized in the construction of very large & high rise buildings only, but presently these stairs have gained popularity and are now widely used by companies, both small and large, and by families in their homes as well. They are probably the best option available for the folks in the building accessories market as they greatly enhance the buildings over the years and add undiminished beauty to houses as well. There are varieties of stair rail designs & styles for customers, adding artistic value to their buildings.

One of the most important merits of the metal rails is that they do not require strenuous maintenance & preservation. They are so strong to a fault & they can survive any form of drastic weather condition, they are not in anyway affected by vibration or by instant shock unlike the concrete ones. Moreover they can be easily installed and are always worth every sweat invested in the effort. Metallic structures are absolutely very strong & that is the major reason why the stair rails will serve you for years and years to come. All you have to do is proper research & examination; you can then select the final metal stairs for your stairway. If you are in need of the best metal stairs in Central Ohio, mother luck has just shined on you. Pinnacle Metal Products has been providing great metal staircases & other structures to central Ohio and the surrounding areas for more than ten years.

Designing and building metal stairs are our jobs at Pinnacle Metal Products. We customize stairs & handrail systems to perfectly suit your taste and fit your needs. Our innovative and dynamic design team can get the look & feel you desire no matter the type of design you want. We make use of the state of the art software to ensure easy coordination & attention to detail. In addition, our production facility is large enough to handle even the tightest and most demanding time schedule. Our process is designed to build quality, optimize cost and deliver elegant design into a complete one in all package.
All of our products are carefully pre-assembled to assure proper fit & reduce job site interruptions to the barest minimum. In most cases, our company can install an eight run stair just in one day! Our stairs can also be installed in stages so as to totally fall in line with the project site schedule. Our beautiful jobs can be found in the Time Warner building, the Denison University’s Trellis, the Mechanical Engineering Building at the Ohio State’s University and lots more.

Pinnacle Metal Products has made ordering metal stairs easy & convenient. All you have to do is head over to to see the services and products on display, request a quote for your project, or take a look at our extensive portfolio. Be it commercial and residential services, we have got all of it covered. Pinnacle Metal Products………….. structured to deliver on our promises every-day.

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