Prefabricated Steel Stairs Act As An Inspiration For Art

Prefabricated Steel Stairs Inspire The Best Music

We love prefabricated steel stairs. If we didn’t, well we wouldn’t be in the business we’re in. We thought we were the most passionate people for prefabricated steel stairs; however, we found tons of art produced about stairs. From paintings to scenes in television shows, there is a plethora of art about stairs. We were surprised and excited about the different videos we found showing off people’s passions for stairs and their creative uses of stairs in their art.

One of the best videos we found features American icon Robin the Frog. He sings a song all about finding the perfect place to sit on a step, and how the stairs have changed his life. Check it out below:

Pinnacle Metal Products is excited to be a part of this creative movement. If you have any questions about how creative we can make our prefabricated steel stairs, give us a call at 1-614-298-0300. We will be happy to talk about your next creative endeavor with us!

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