Metal Stair Railings Are Stylish and Practical

The staircase is often the focal point of a room no matter where it is in the layout. Not only does it physically break up the room, it can provide an aesthetic statement for your room. There are different types of staircases and each has its own unique advantages. Additionally, each provides a unique design for each space that it occupies. Along with each type of staircase, there is a handrail that will add a stylish accent to your space.

A straight run staircase is fairly common and if you are building from the ground up, this is the most inexpensive. They are also the easiest to construct and have a convenient rhythm that isn’t broken up by curves or landings. The straight run requires a return of the same length if you plan to build multiple levels on top of each other, like in the case of a stairwell. To complement your steps, consider a steel or metal stair railing to keep your stairway safe and also looking sleek. The metal railings and guard rails offer a clean and modern look to any space. Steel stairs

Custom design metal railings are also great options to show off your space. Your design ideas are only limited to your imagination. In addition to your prefab railing, guardrails provide an additional level of safety. If your railing stretches along a structure on the second floor, such as a hallway or loft, a guardrail will offer that room some security. A guardrail along the steps will also keep those on the staircase safe and keep small children or animals from falling off the steps.

Ornate Metal Stair Railings Also Serve a Purpose

If you have a more visible type of staircase, such as a scissor switch staircase, it is a good idea to dress up the space since both sides of the steps will show. Ornamental pickets, provide the same protection as the traditional guardrails while enhancing the décor of the room. Similar to a picket fence, these steel posts provide the same sMetal Stairs ecurity as a wire guardrail but add a touch of class, similar to a wall mural. It also breaks up the steps from the room, making them their own separate room, so to speak.

As well as the post style, the steel or aluminum panel style is extremely elegant. Incorporate your guardrail into the style of your own room. It is almost a miniature mural helping to break up the interior space. It provides much more safety and security as opposed to cable panel guardrails or wire metal stair rails.

Glass Panel Guardrails Are a Modern Alternative

For a more contemporary scheme, consider a plate glass panel guardrail. Glass paneling allows for the room and the staircase to visually remain open, while still closing the stairs or room off physically. Having see-through paneling allows the hallway or stairwell to appear that it is an open-concept but not quite. It also ensures your stairwell still meets safety regulations. Glass is an extremely versatile choice as it can be paired with a wood or metal stair rail and still work together well.

Glass panels along with metal guardrails are a very contemporary choice for your metal stairs. Steel stairs and steel stair railings complement any business or modern home design scheme. The polished look of a metal stair railing will keep your space looking classy.

A Fashionable Metal Staircase

Make a metal railing a stylish addition to any metal staircase. Not only can you increase the safety and functionality of your steel stairs but a polished metal railing provides a clean and sophisticated look. Dress up your home or business space with the chic look of a polished metal stair railing. Pinnacle Metal Products not only delivers and installs quality metal products but they help you through the design and fabrication process. Ordering fabricated metal ensures that you get the shape and style that you want and also meet the regulations and safety standards of your space. Contact our helpful staff with help getting a quote for your next fabrication process, such as installing steel stairs or adding a prefab railing to an existing stairwell. Have Pinnacle Metal Products install a steel stair railing for your stairwell today. Metal Railing

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