Why Prefabricated Materials Reign Supreme

Prefabrication is an extremely popular trend in construction today. It is meant to be cost and time efficient, which is part of the reason it has gained so much popularity in the industry and remained a staple. Prefabrication is about capitalizing on prep time. The less work that can be done on the job site and the more that can be prepared in the shop, the quicker the project. It allows you to capitalize not only on labor costs but on the ease of your installation as well. Prefabricated materials are designed with the building team in mind.

Time is Money with Prefabrication

One reason people seek prefabricated metal materials is that they are far more efficient on labor costs. The less work that is performed on-site, the less time and money you will have to spend on your project. Typically, tasks such as cutting the metal, drilling and welding are done ahead of time and the pieces fit together similar to puzzle pieces. This saves hours of labor for the assembly team and eliminates much of the “prep work” which can now be utilized to strictly build the structure with the prepped pieces.

Prefabricated metal Prefabricated construction is designed to make your crew’s job easier. Having pieces that fit together in a planned pattern or that are partially assembled makes for light work. Typical building projects that have engineers, managers, designers and a large team behind them can not only run up the cost but can take more time to complete due to more delays. With prefabricated materials, jobs are more streamlined and there is less potential for error during construction. There are no “surprise” costs or adjustments in the blueprints and delays are extremely rare.

Prefabricated Metals Means Instant Design

Because prefabricated pieces are predesigned and partially assembled, it makes your design process streamlined. With pieces that interlock and assemble with ease, there is no need for material adjustments. Also, since a lot of the prep work is done, there is nothing “tricky” about the fitting process. Teams are therefore smaller and require a broader skill set, which means saving money overall.

Prefabricated Metal Stairs Are on the Rise

Metal stairs are an extremely popular prefabricated project. With traditional materials such as wood and cement, builders musMetal Stairst start by assembling beams or constructing casts. Add in the time it takes to make cement, pour it and then have it set, your construction could take all day. With metal stairs, you are in on the design process. Not only can you choose your style of prefabricated metal stairs, you can get an idea of what the finished product will look like before it’s completed. The metal stairs are shipped to you already mostly assembled and molded so that the installation can begin instantly.

Another benefit to using prefabricated metal materials is they are not affected by environmental factors. Metal stairs will weather the elements and stand up to earthquakes, hurricanes, rain or heavy snow. Steel is also not affected by termites, rotting or cracking, which often are hazards for structures made of wood or concrete.

Prefabricated Buildings Offer Numerous Benefits

One major benefit of a prefabricated building is that they tend to be more insulated than a traditional structure. Since the pieces overlap and fit together, this eliminates openings and help better seal the paneling together. It makes a custom seal for each panel, which eliminates heat or air escaping from the structure. This will make your building overall more economical, in addition to saving on energy costs. Also, most insurance companies offer rebates for metal building structures, since they aren’t subject to as much potential damage. Prefabricated metal buildings can stand up to extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Prefabricated Art

Prefabricated Metal ArtA growing trend that is taking on more and more attention is metal sculptures or architecture as art. Prefabricated metal is not only a smart choice for your next building project, but it is extremely trendy in the design world. Consider metal when designing your next piece of art. Even art structures can come prepared ahead of time for efficiency. Enjoy the same benefits that steel-frame structures offer, with the added benefit of contemporary design. Mediums that look sleek, such as stainless steel, aluminum or even iron offer an extremely modern style. This is a growing design trend among many new businesses or galleries.

Join the Prefabricated Metal Movement

Whether you are looking for metal stairs or prefabricated buildings, Pinnacle Metal Products offers a full range of custom metal projects to fit your needs. Our products not only give you a variety of styles to choose, they are constructed with high-quality craftsmanship and offer numerous safety benefits. Contact our helpful staff today and get started on your prefabricated metal project as soon as possible. We are eager to help you achieve your prefabrication project goals.

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