Columbus, Ohio: Fun Activities For the Family

Columbus Is Home To More Than Just Pinnacle Metal Products

Pinnacle Metal Products is proud that our prefabricated metal stairs are a part of the Columbus, Ohio community. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite parts of the Columbus, Ohio community. Here, Pinnacle Metal Products presents five of the best activities you can do with the kids in the Columbus, Ohio area.

  1. Zip Zone Tours


What better way is there to enjoy the summer months and explore nature than to zip past it on a zip line? Explore some of Ohio’s premium forests interactively by zip lining through them. Your kids will love flying through the air and rushing past the trees, and you’ll appreciate everything nature has to offer in the end.


  1. COSI


COSI Science Center is perfect for kids who are interested in anything having to do with STEM. With tons of creative programs, exciting exhibits, and neat activities, you and your children will be entertained for hours at this center.


  1. Easton


Easton has tons of stores and is the ultimate shopping center. If you enjoy a good day out at the mall, Easton is the place for you. Your children will love checking out the wide selection of toy stores in the mall, and you might even pick up something for yourself.


  1. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is perfect for the family that loves nature. Not only can you explore and learn about all sorts of plants in season in Ohio, but you can also learn about more exotic plants with the greenhouse on site.


  1. Central Ohio Fire Museum & Learning Center


The Central Ohio Fire Museum is a great educational opportunity for you and your children. Learn about the history of Ohio’s fire departments and even meet the mascot, Boots, while you’re there. Not only will you teach your kids about fire safety, but you’ll have a good time doing it.


Pinnacle Metal Products is proud to provide the Columbus area with our high-quality prefabricated metal stairs. Enjoy our city when you visit!

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