Look Here for the Safest Prefabricated Steel Stairs

Our Prefabricated Steel Stairs Will Stand Up To Wear And Tear

Here at Pinnacle Metal Products, we strive to make the highest-quality prefabricated steel stairs on the market. That’s why we hold out technicians to the highest standard of quality. Not only are our stairs made from the strongest steel that will hold up to years of wear and tear, but also ensure that our technicians have the highest level of training.

We offer training to our construction professionals and other technicians annually, where they get trained in a number of areas, such as energy control, machine guarding, toxic and hazardous substances handling, and much more. We know that each year the OSHA guidelines for handling different materials and chemicals changes, and we need to be up to date with those changes to keep our workers safe and our prefabricated steel stairs working properly. Annually, we spend at minimum one-thousand hours on training our workers, whether it is through online courses or other interactive kinds of training. As one of our core values, we dedicate time to safety and planning so that our workers are prepared in emergencies and other dangerous situations.

Besides just giving our workers training, we also are committed to hiring workers that are trained professionally in safety features. The professionals we hire must have certification from OSHA to practice before we will even consider hiring them. Between this and our other programs implemented to ensure the safety of our workers and products, we have one of the safest companies in Ohio.

Pinnacle Metal Products knows that there are many different companies that can provide your prefabricated steel stairs. However, our company has an ethical and moral commitment to safety that makes us stand out from the crowd. You can go with another company with lower standards, but we don’t compromise quality at Pinnacle, no matter what. With us, you can rest assured that your product and your workers have integrity. If you have any questions about Pinnacle Metal’s safety standards or products in general, feel free to call us at 614-298-0300 or email us at pmcneil@pinnmetal.com.

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