Pinnacle Metal Stairs: Prefabricated Steel Stairs and—And Much More!

While prefabricated steel stairs form a large portion of our business, that’s not the only thing we do as a company. Pinnacle Metal Stairs also specializes in creating beautiful artwork from metal for different buildings. Our main example of this is the Columbus State Community College building, which featured our handiwork on their bridge and with the sculpture in their courtyard. The sculpture and bridge allowed us to take a truly creative approach to our work and gave us liberties that we wouldn’t have usually had. We especially enjoyed this project because it mirrored the creativity that the students demonstrate in their studies at the College. We used our rust resistant paints on the sculpture and bridge to add a dash of color to the project and brighten up the outside of the building.

Denison University also trusted us to create an interesting and unique trellis for their campus. At night, the shadows from the trellis create a beautiful space in which students can study, work, and play. We’re especially proud of this structure! You really have to see it to believe it:


We also created the town entrance arch in Gahanna, Ohio. This arch has an old-world feel while still welcoming to visitors. With a blue-gray finish (depending on the light) and a stylish yellow G, this arch presents the town of Gahanna with beauty and authority.

The next time that you need to create metalwork for your business or home, remember Pinnacle Metal Stairs. We do more than just making prefabricated stairs, and can help you create artwork to beautify your building. Serving the southern Ohio area, we know that you will be happy with the results from our metal work. And, if you’re creating a new building, remember that we can also install our prefabricated steel stairs and then create artsy décor for the general aesthetic. We know that you will be happy with the results we give you.

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